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العقارات السكنية

• ERA has a wide range of property marketing tools to match your needs, whether you’re buying, renting, selling, or sharing a property.

• ERA’s large franchise network offers you the largest selection of properties available.

• توفر لك ERA أدوات تسويقية فعالة لتسهيل عملية شراء و بيع و تأجير الممتلكات.

• ERA offers you a written guarantee, granting sellers and landlords the best coverage and marketing.

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العقارات التجارية

• تمتلك ERA علي واحدة من أكبر قواعد البيانات الخاصة بالعقارات التجارية.

• تعمل ERA دائما علي تطوير و تدريب موظفيها بحيث تنمي لديهم القدرة علي إجراء التحاليل الخاصة بالإستثمار و إعداد و كتابة الأبحاث و التقارير التي تساعد علي تعريف و تحديد فرص للإستثمار.

• وبالتالي، فيمكنك أن تعتبرهم المستشارين الماليين الخاصين بك. و أيضا سياسعدك ممثلينا لإختيار الفرص الأمثل للإستثمار المالي والأدوات اللازمة لتسويق وبيع العقارات التجارية، كالمكاتب والمحلات التجارية والمصانع ومراكز التسوق أو حتي مبنى بأكمله.

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Evaluation & Appraisal

Estimating the value of a real property plays the key role in real estate financing, selling or buying property, solvency, merge, investment analysis, and decision making process. Our professionals are equipped with the necessary skills to accurately define values based on their experience, market knowledge, and field transactions that will help them to be a market evaluation reference.

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Income property services are above and beyond that of typical brokerage firms. As we are working in a market that has little available investment worth opportunities and high demand on all property types it is important to have a privet professional in field scout to capture opportunities specially for you. Our professional and business network are always there for your big gains.

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تدريب و تنمية الموارد البشرية

ERA Egypt has the best trainers in the field, you will be exposed to the latest marketing tools in the industry and how you can use these tools to achieve your goals. For training and development opportunities, please contact us at trainings@era-egypt.com

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Internships & Volunteer opportunities

We accept both local and international interns and volunteers to work at our headquarters in Maadi. Our internship and volunteer opportunities are open in all departments: graphic design, administration, sales, IT, marketing, and business development. For internships and volunteer opportunities, please contact us at internsandvolunteers@era-egypt.com